Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My door only goes up a few inches.
A: More than likely your spring is broken, if you can see the 1" shaft or 2"-3" anywhere along the spring then it is broken.

Q: Should I replace both springs?
A: Always replace both. They are made for 10,000 revolutions, when 1 breaks the other is not far behind.

Q: My door is sitting on an angle.
A: Either a broken cable or the cable has come off the drum or is possibly frayed and ready to break.

Q: My door will not close unless I hold the button on the wall till it hits the ground.
A: Your sensors are out of alignment or need cleaning.

Q: My remotes won't work.
A: Check if your wall station has a lock switch or a battery issue or needs to be reprogrammed.

Q: How often should I lubricate my door and what should I use?
A: Every 90 days spray all rollers, hinges and springs. NEVER use grease or WD-40.

Q: How often should I have my door serviced?
A: If it is a wood door 2-3yrs, if it is a steel door 3-4yrs but you should be lubricating the rollers, hinges and springs every 90 days.